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1International Research Journal Of Humanities, Engineering & Pharmaceutical Sciences2320-29552249-2569Yes0.903
2Infopreneurship Journal2345-265X YesAwaiting
3Asian Journal Of Health Sciences2347-5218 YesAwaiting
4Journal Of Advanced Medical And Dental Sciences Research2321-9599 YesAwaiting
5Journal Of Harmonized Research In Pharmacy2321-0958 YesAwaiting
6International Journal Of Physiotherapy And Research2321-18222321-8975YesAwaiting
7Journal Of Harmonized Research In Engineering2347-07393 YesAwaiting
8Journal Of Harmonized Research In Applied Science2321-7456 YesAwaiting
9International Journal Of Anatomy And Research2321-42872321-8967YesAwaiting
10International Journal Of Innovative And Applied Research (Ijiar)2348-0319 YesAwaiting
11Journal Of Bio Innovation2277-8330 YesAwaiting
12Sovremennaâ Èkonomika: Problemy, Tendencii, Perspektivy2222-6532 YesAwaiting
13International Journal Of Science, Environment And Technology227836872277663XYesAwaiting
14Journal Of Medical And Allied Sciences2231-170X2231-1696YesAwaiting
15Science, Technology And Arts Research Journal2305-33272226-7522YesAwaiting
16Journal Of Biology And Today’S World2322-3308 YesAwaiting
17Indian Journal Of Research In Pharmacy And Biotechnology2320-34712321-5674YesAwaiting
18Journal Of Science And Todays World2322-326X YesAwaiting
19International Journal Of Engineering Research And General Science2091-2730-YesAwaiting
20Indian Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Biological Reserach2320-9267-YesAwaiting
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